Modern Farmers

Modern Farmers: Empowering Agriculture for the Next Generation

Explore the Modern Farmers app, designed to revolutionize farming practices and empower a new generation of farmers with streamlined record-keeping, real-time tracking, and efficient management of farming activities from cultivation to sale. Join Jordan Hart and discover a modern solution to enhance farm productivity and organization. Download the app today on IOS and Android for a free trial and unlock better yields and more time for your farm.

Mobile App for Farm Management

The origins of farming began around 10,000 to 12, 000 years ago. As a practice it rapidly became foundational to society’s well-being, providing food, economic stability, employment opportunities, and cultural significance. And while there have been many advances in technology throughout the years, today,  the average age of North American farmers is 57.5 years old according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. As legacy producers retire it is critical for the next generation of farmers to establish cohesive farm practices that reflect the times and critical expediency in tracking, grain inventory, and equipment maintenance. Today, a new generation and easy-to-use app will support farmers of all ages in those essential areas and more. Introducing, the Modern Farmers app.

Farm-Connected Supply Chain

The Modern Farmers covers everything connected with the farming supply chain from cultivation to sale. Simply download and customize your field and inventory needs into the app and an easy-to-visualize dashboard will display real-time records of all of your farming activities. The Modern Farmers app will assist in keeping track of an average of all the crops you are selling, including how many loads are sold while tracking the quantity of grain in each bin and the total of all bins. It can also store contracts with different vendors and buyers for proper tracking.

Farm-Connected Supply Chain​
Modernize Your Farming Experience​

Modernize Your Farming Experience

Modern Farmers will better track seeding, spraying, harvesting, and inventory. It is estimated that 90 percent of farmers write their data in books, and an added bonus by switching to the Modern Farmers app, you will be able to streamline and digitally transfer all of your information to all interested and necessary companies, saving you time and potential errors. Modern Farmers also includes a calendar which helps to keep track of tasks that need to be completed for you and your farm hands such as scheduling, grain inventory, and equipment that needs to be fixed.

Boost Farm Efficiency

The Modern Farmers app is the creation of multi-generational farmer, Jordan Hart, who himself has been farming for over 15 years. He states, “I see there is a need to keep better and seamless records on farming practices and inventory, helping the modern-day farmer be more organized and effective. My app does just that.” For more efficient farm practices leading to better yields and more time on your hands download Modern Farmers today on IOS and Android for more information and a free trial period.
Boost Farm Efficiency​

App Features

Modern Farmers: Empowering Agriculture for the Next Generation
  • Farming Activity Dashboard

    Stay in control of your farming operations with our intuitive dashboard. Easily record and monitor seeding, spraying, harvesting, and equipment maintenance in real-time, ensuring your farm tasks are efficiently managed.

  • Grain Inventory Control

    Effortlessly manage your grain inventory across multiple bins. Keep track of the quantity of grain in each bin and the total for accurate stock management. Store contracts with vendors and buyers, simplifying the tracking of sales and purchases.

  • Streamlined Data Entry

    Say goodbye to manual bookkeeping. Modern Farmers app allows you to digitize and store all your farming data. Easily transfer information to relevant parties, saving time and minimizing errors, as you modernize your record-keeping practices.

  • Farm Task Scheduler

    Never miss a beat on your farm again. Our calendar feature helps you organize and manage tasks for yourself and your farmhands. From scheduling activities to tracking equipment maintenance, stay on top of everything that needs to be done for smooth, efficient farming operations.



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